PebblyPi Site Traffic Analysis


So I’ve been chuffed with the responses to the PebblyPi doorbell project. I thought I would have a look at the site traffic during this time.

As you can see the biggest peak has been observed from the Lifehacker post:

The Adafruit post was unfortunately missed as I only enabled Google Analytics the day after they posted.

Interestingly the Hackaday post didn’t generate as much instantaneous sessions, but the FWHM of the peak was quite broad in comparison to the Lifehacker post.

The RaspberryPi post has just been made so we will see how that progresses.

Loving Google Analytics!!!!!


3D Printer Time Lapse Videos

I collated a few nice time lapse videos of my Ultimaker in action. Enjoy!
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PebblyPi Smart Doorbell

After this tweet…

…alot of people asked for some kind of tutorial so here it is 🙂

First a youtube video of it in action

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Printing Some Gears and Solved the Glob


Managed to solve the weird glob issues I was having. It was due to the nozzle and heater block not being tight enough. After a few hours the filament starts to ooze out of the top and down the sides. This is the source of the glob. Fixed by tightening but only when hot end is hot!


K for Keira!


It worked! It needs a but of TLC to finish it nicely. The globs are still present and there are a lot of strings inside the block (see next picture). This is my first original 3D design.


I am pretty damn happy and it even connects with other Duplo’s!


First prints of the Ultimaker


The robot on the right was the first ever print by my new Ultimaker. This is the Ultimaker mascot and is used as a calibration piece. It came out amazingly well! I’m chuffed!


I then printed the octopus again (silver on the left) to compare with the one made on the makespace UP! printer (white on the right). Very pleased with the layer height and accuracy.

The only issues are that the printer seems to be extruding too much material resulting in a ‘glob’ (that’s a technical term :-P) of PLA.

Next up is a Duplo block replica with a K (for my daughter Keira) on top. In the image below I am printing just the K on the left to test this concept.


Unfortunately I had to leave for work before it finished so I will see how it looks later. Fingers crossed

Ultimaker Arrived!




Ultimaker On the Way

Just purchased an Ultimaker 3D printer (my 30th birthday present from family and myself 🙂 ). Currently waiting at DHL Gatwick sorting office.

I have been playing with the UP! 3D printer at MakeSpace and after a first try success on 3D printing I was hooked. The Ultimaker looks like the best intersection of price, quality and speed; and has a great community around it.

I have a good list of items to print from Thingiverse (see DannyG Profile) so will post them as I go.

First will be an assembly video, probably time lapse as it recommends setting aside 6 hours to build it :-S.

1D Pong Game for Makespace

Full Design


Modular design for the lights1D_Image2

ThingSpeak, the best IoT service

I have recently looking back into live data logging solutions for Internet of Things devices.

Previously I have used Pachube, which turned into COSM, which turned into Xively. This service has been diluted through all these reinventions and, in my honest opinion, has lost what I liked about it.

Enter ThingSpeak. The site looks highly open source, which don’t get me wrong is a great concept but can often result in questionable quality. Despite this it provides the absolute best IoT service I have seen yet.

I have set up a test channel, have a look here, which is just a .net service running random number generation code on all 8 of the data fields. Update frequency is set at a maximum of every 15s from and channel (dictated by the ThingSpeak API).

One feature which I really like is the ability to upload historical data in CSV format. This will make migrating data from other services very easy.

[Update 12/06/13]

Embedded 2 of the random number graphs as iframes into the post