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Desktop PC DIY Wake-On-LAN using Microcontroller

With the birth of my daughter I have had to relinquish my upstairs office to be used as a nursery. The desktop computer is now downstairs in a corner of the living room. It has a lockable front door (great when the baby is crawling around) but the button is inaccessible without unlocking the door.

At first I though I could create (or use) a Wake-On-LAN program but for some reason my motherboard’s Wake-On-LAN isn’t working. So I have decided to use a low power microcontroller in a nice housing to remotely switch on the main PC. Additionally I have been meaning to create a clean and tidy microcontroller setup to use with my desktop PC, which doesn’t look like a spagetti of wires or a messy breadboard.

This is the box I have bought in black ABS


I also wanted some nice push buttons to surface mount on the box, so I picked some which are normally used in anti-vandal situations (like cash machines)

Microcontroller will be a Netduino Plus with a 16×2 character red on black LCD.

I am also planning on using it as a node in my future home thermal management system so will make sure it is compatible with my sensor of choice, the RHT03.