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ThingSpeak, the best IoT service

I have recently looking back into live data logging solutions for Internet of Things devices.

Previously I have used Pachube, which turned into COSM, which turned into Xively. This service has been diluted through all these reinventions and, in my honest opinion, has lost what I liked about it.

Enter ThingSpeak. The site looks highly open source, which don’t get me wrong is a great concept but can often result in questionable quality. Despite this it provides the absolute best IoT service I have seen yet.

I have set up a test channel, have a look here, which is just a .net service running random number generation code on all 8 of the data fields. Update frequency is set at a maximum of every 15s from and channel (dictated by the ThingSpeak API).

One feature which I really like is the ability to upload historical data in CSV format. This will make migrating data from other services very easy.

[Update 12/06/13]

Embedded 2 of the random number graphs as iframes into the post

OUYA Console Finally On Its Way

Coming At Last

It’s been a long time coming but now eventually my OUYA console is being dispatched. Honestly, I had forgotten about it and I am glad to finally be receiving it

In anticipation I checked out a few blog posts about the OUYA.

Engadget’s (Backer Edition) Review¬†and The Verge’s Review¬†highlight that this should be considered a BETA console and not for the everyday user. They were also decidedly negative about the ergonomics of the controller, suggesting it is not well assembled giving it a “cheap, breakable feel”. Not the best reviews by any stretch of the imagination.

TechCrunch Gave a more objective review, rebranding the OUYA as a ‘micro-console’ instead of an Android Game Console, to avoid the obvious comparisons with both Android based phones and the main players in the console market. They suggested the console should be considered like a netbook would be versus a laptop (you wouldn’t be able to run power hungry applications like Photoshop on the netbook, thus shouldn’t expect it when reviewing its performance).

I eagerly anticipate its arrival and will make sure to put together a thorough unboxing and first impressions post.