ThingSpeak, the best IoT service

I have recently looking back into live data logging solutions for Internet of Things devices.

Previously I have used Pachube, which turned into COSM, which turned into Xively. This service has been diluted through all these reinventions and, in my honest opinion, has lost what I liked about it.

Enter ThingSpeak. The site looks highly open source, which don’t get me wrong is a great concept but can often result in questionable quality. Despite this it provides the absolute best IoT service I have seen yet.

I have set up a test channel, have a look here, which is just a .net service running random number generation code on all 8 of the data fields. Update frequency is set at a maximum of every 15s from and channel (dictated by the ThingSpeak API).

One feature which I really like is the ability to upload historical data in CSV format. This will make migrating data from other services very easy.

[Update 12/06/13]

Embedded 2 of the random number graphs as iframes into the post

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