First prints of the Ultimaker


The robot on the right was the first ever print by my new Ultimaker. This is the Ultimaker mascot and is used as a calibration piece. It came out amazingly well! I’m chuffed!


I then printed the octopus again (silver on the left) to compare with the one made on the makespace UP! printer (white on the right). Very pleased with the layer height and accuracy.

The only issues are that the printer seems to be extruding too much material resulting in a ‘glob’ (that’s a technical term :-P) of PLA.

Next up is a Duplo block replica with a K (for my daughter Keira) on top. In the image below I am printing just the K on the left to test this concept.


Unfortunately I had to leave for work before it finished so I will see how it looks later. Fingers crossed

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